Yemen is a country of enormous diversity. To lead Yemen’s transition from conflict to stability and chart a new path forward, the rising generation of leaders must understand, engage with, and ultimately incorporate into policymaking the needs and perspectives of citizens from all across the country.  

The Hikma Platform is a groundbreaking digital engagement platform designed to do just that – bring the voices of young men and women from around the country and abroad into public discourse. Through the use of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, a chatbot named Hakima (meaning “the wise one”) will interact with thousands of young Yemenis to get their input on critical topics relevant to youth.

Are you a Yemeni citizen under 40 years old?

Say hello to Hakima, our virtual colleague running the Hikma

Platform, by sending her a message via:

Engagement campaigns will be launched by the Hikma Platform to bring the priorities voiced by ordinary young people, including groups that have historically been marginalized from decision-making processes such as rural youth and women, into the discussions of key local, national, and international stakeholders working on Yemen.

The Hikma Platform will publicise the outcomes of the campaigns online and offline, to make them available for different stakeholders to use in their work.

Privacy Notice

The Hikma Platform is managed by DeepRoot Consulting funded by the Government of  Netherlands. A New Generation of Public Leaders in Yemen. The WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger accounts are operated solely by DeepRoot, and have been registered with the respective service providers.   

All data is stored and processed securely with the Google iCloud Platform in the European Union. All information that users provide to the Hikma Platform will be aggregated prior to being publicised, and in no circumstance will identifying information of any individual be shared.  

Users engaging with the Hikma Platform via WhatsApp will be asked to confirm their subscription by entering their phone number and opting in. This will allow Hakima (the chatbot) to send new notifications about engagement outcomes and upcoming campaigns.

Users can unsubscribe at any time by sending the following message “الغاء_الاشتراك”.    For more information, contact us at