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Hikma Fellowship for Public Leaders

The rising generation of youth in Yemen have developed their political and social worldviews...

The Hikma Fellows will complete advanced training modules covering a range...

The Fellows will convene for dialogue sessions throughout the program to work collectively...


Throughout the 2011 uprising and ensuing transitional period in Yemen, youth played a critical role in driving forward efforts to reform the country’s systems of governance to be more accountable to and inclusive of Yemenis from all walks of life. However, despite Yemen’s rapidly growing youth population, young leaders have been marginalized since the end of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and beginning of the ongoing conflict. The resulting social polarization has fragmented existing youth networks and closed off any remaining space for Yemen’s diverse youth to share experiences and problem-solve across party lines.


To help empower Yemen’s future public leaders and strengthen their leadership capacities, and building on the success of the first cohort of the program, DeepRoot Consulting is launching the second phase of the Hikma Fellowship for Public Leaders. Funded by the Government of the Netherlands, the program aims to strengthen the political capital of Yemeni youth leaders and their participation in decision-making processes. Applying DeepRoot’s participatory and inclusive approach, the program will target a carefully selected group of emerging leaders from all political parties and components, in addition to independents, to participate actively in the fellowship program. Click here for more details

Hikma Fellowship
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