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Alkureehy Taher Kanan

Alkureehy is the Head of the Youth and Sports Department in the Southern Transitional Council (STC). He has been active with the STC since its launch in 2017. He is also one of the co-founders of the student coordination body at Aden University that was formed in 2012, and was one of the components of the Southern Movement. He holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics from the Faculty of Education, Aden University, and a degree in public relations from the Faculty of Arts, Aden University.

إبراهيم جلال.jpg

Ibrahim Jalal Fakirah

Ibrahim is a Non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute’s (MEI) Arabian Peninsula Program, and a senior consultant. He has consulted with donors and international organizations including the United Nations, the Overseas Development Institute and Sussex University's Institute of Development Studies; occasionally briefs audiences, including think tanks, diplomatic corps, UN officials, and humanitarian organizations; and takes part in Track II events related to Yemen and the MENA region. His research examines third-party-led peace processes in Yemen, the internal dynamics of the conflict, armed non-state actors and implications on peace agreements' implementations and post-war security orders and stabilization efforts, the politics of humanitarian aid, and the foreign policies of the Gulf and Western states. Prior to joining MEI, Ibrahim was a Visiting Scholar at Macquarie University’s Department of Security Studies and Criminology in Australia. He holds two master’s degrees: in Strategy and Diplomacy from the National University of Malaysia and the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations; and in Security, Conflict and Strategic Studies from the Universities of Glasgow, Charles, and Dublin as an Erasmus Scholar


Ahmed Abdullah Belhaf

Ahmed is the Cultural and Environmental Affairs advisor to the Governor of Al-Mahra governorate since 2020. Before that, he was the Media Secretary to the Governor’s Office from 2016 to 2017. He was the official spokesperson for the General Council of Al-Mahra and Socotra, as well as for the peaceful sit-in committee in Al-Mahra. Ahmed is also a program producer and presenter at Al-Mahra Local Radio. He contributed to establishing multiple local newspapers and media sites in Al-Mahra. He led multiple initiatives that aimed to maintain peace and stability in Al-Mahra governorate, to preserve its identity, and cultural and linguistic distinctiveness.

أحمد صالح الهمامي.jpeg

Ahmed Saleh Al-Hamami

Ahmed is the Chairman of the Aden Centre for Historical Studies, Research and Publishing, and the official spokesperson of the Southern Youth Forum in the United States of America. Ahmed is also a close advisor to the Presidential Office. He has contributed to multiple peacebuilding efforts that sought to form a vision for sustainable future solutions in Yemen by promoting networking with groups of activists and researchers. Furthermore, Ahmed works on bridging the views among political leaders with different political orientations. Ahmed holds a bachelor's degree in law.

أقدار مختار.jpg

Akdar Mukhtar BaShugaira

Akdar is a legal adviser, and the founder and chairwoman of the Community of Protection and Development Support (CPDS) Foundation. She is a member of several active women's and youth networks and entities, including the Southern Feminist Coalition (SFC). Akdar also works as a consultant and trainer in protection, gender, youth empowerment, community safety, and a number of other training programs. She's a member of the Aden Youth Consultation Group, and the Youth Advisory Body, a branch of the Youth and Sports Office in Aden. She holds a master’s degree in international law specializing in settlement mechanisms and conflict resolution.

أمل الصبري.png

Amal Mohammed Al-Sabri

Amal is a lawyer and a member of The Nasserist Unionist People's party. She is a human rights and protection trainer and works as a coordinator at the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Human Rights in Taiz Governorate. Amal works on monitoring and documenting human rights violations. She is a volunteer with the Yemeni Women's Union providing legal services to women who are subjected to gender-based violence. Also, she works in facilitating training workshops and preparing and submitting working papers in the same field.  She works in providing judicial aid to women and has the skills to build relationships with others. Amal holds a bachelor's degree in law.

رانيا نجيب فضل.png

Ranya Najib Fadhl

Ranya is the office manager of the director of the Presidential Office. She's a member of the National Authority to Oversee the Implementation of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) Outcomes, and member of the Inclusive and Sustainable Development working group in the NDC. Ranya is a defender of the rights of women and youth, and she contributed to the constitutional recognition of women's rights in the new constitution. She worked with various civil society organizations on issues related to sustainable development, security, peacebuilding, and reconciliation. She also worked on the political empowerment of youth and women. Ranya is interested in building youth capacities and integrating them into social and political life. she holds a PhD in management from Malaysia, and has a master’s in the same field.


Sukaina is a social and political writer, specializing in women's issues and human rights. She has been a member of the support team for the political development forum dialogue since 2016 and is currently the General Director of Women in the Department of Civil Society Organizations and Human Rights at the General Secretariat of the Prime Ministry in Sana'a. Sukaina holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Human Rights, giving her a deep understanding of the challenges facing marginalized communities. She is a valuable asset to any team working towards promoting social justice and positive change.


Salem Salah Madfaa

Salem is the Vice President of the Youth Department of the Hadhramout Inclusive Conference for its office in the Wadi and Desert region. He is also a writer who publishes articles that contribute to raising public awareness. Salem is a political activist interested in Yemeni public affairs, including political, economic, and human rights issues. He has participated in many public programs that aim to form a better future for Yemen, as well as representing the Hadhramout Inclusive Conference in various Yemeni districts. He has also participated in several community initiatives, dialogue sessions addressing public issues. Salem holds a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Sukaina Hasan Zaid

سحر العبسي.jpg

Sahar Abd alsalam Abdo

Sahar is the Head of the Women's Sector in the Yemeni Socialist Party in the Northern Region (17th constituency). She has been a member of the Governorate Committee of the Yemeni Socialist Party in the capital Sana’a since 2007. Sahar is one of the co-founders of “Humanity Brings Us Together”, a humanitarian initiative that was established in mid-2017 by a group of youth, activists, and doctors. Sahar is also a member of the "Jeffin Initiative" which aims to support the mental health of journalists and forcibly disappeared persons. She is a member of the Nida'a Foundation for Coexistence and Construction, which focuses on the defense of religious and ethnic minorities in Yemen. In addition, Sahar is also a poet and novelist, and a member of the story club "Meqah". Sahar is a women's rights defender, and she has written articles on women's struggle, protection of gender-based violence, rights of religious minorities, and equality between men and women in modern times.


Adnan Nasser Al-Gabarni

Adnan is a journalist and a member of the Media Department of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah party). He previously worked for the Al-Masdar newspaper and Al-Masdar Online. From 2016-2019, he served as a press coordinator in the Office of the Chief of the General Staff, then as a rapporteur for the Executive Authority of the National Alliance of Parties in 2020. He also worked as a field journalist covering the war from Amran, Hamdan, Sana 'a, Marib, Al-Jawf, Nehm and Shabwa. His research and investigations have been published on various local and international platforms. Adnan holds a bachelor's degree in radio and television.

محمد العمراني.jpeg

Mohammed Hasan Al-Amrani

Mohammed is the rapporteur and a member of the Government's political negotiation team for peace talks with Ansar Allah. He is the chairman of the National Centre for Information in the Presidential Office. Mohammed served as the Head of the Technical Office for Political Consultations. He was a member of the Government's six-month Humanitarian Armistice Negotiating Group. He actively participated in the success of the Riyadh Agreement reached by the Government with the Southern Transitional Council, which contributed to stopping the conflict and creating a degree of stability in the political and economic situation in Yemen.

مصطفى منصر.jpg

Mustafa Ali Munassar

Mustafa is a member of the Standing Committee of the General People's Congress (GPC), who works on advocating and supporting youth engagement, building trust mechanisms, improving humanitarian response, and addressing the effects of war. He also served as an adviser to the Arab Union for Creativity and Innovation. Mustafa works as a researcher at the Rawafed Center, which is concerned with research on the values of equal citizenship, social justice, minorities and their role in society, protection of the social fabric, peace, and the mechanism of construction and reconstruction. He has held many positions in civil society organizations. He was the President of the General Federation of Yemeni Children and Director of the Centre for Future Generations. He also contributed to the founding of several organizations, including the Yemeni Youth Peace Coalition.

وضاح بن بريك.jpg

Wadhah Bin Barek

Wadhah is a member of the Political Office of the National Resistance, and head of its Organizational Department. He is currently an adviser in the Ministry of Oil & Gas holding with an undersecretary grade. Wadah is passionate about supporting his country and contributed to numerous initiatives aimed at promoting peace and development. He has extensive experience in dealing with many public reform programs, providing recommendations and reports in the fields of economic and sectoral reforms. He has participated in several meetings led by the Special Envoy to Yemen and with ambassadors of permanent members of the Security Council and some European Union member states to resolve the crisis in Yemen. Wadhah is the head of the "Youth and Students Committee of the Association of Hadhramout for Development in Sana'a" since 2015.


Amir Addin Jahaf

Amir Addin is the head of the Insan Organization for Rights and Freedom. He is a prominent human rights activist, with a specific focus on issues related to civilian detainees and kidnapping. Amir himself was kidnapped and held in Marib prisons for a period of two years, from 2016 to 2018. In his book, "A Journey Behind Bars," he shares his personal experience of this harrowing ordeal. Along with his work in human rights advocacy, Amir also holds a Bachelor's degree in General Medicine and Surgery.

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