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Hikma Fellowship for Public Leaders

The rising generation of youth in Yemen have developed their political and social worldviews...

The Hikma Fellows will complete advanced training modules covering a range...

The Fellows will convene for dialogue sessions throughout the program to work collectively...

Constructive engagement with Yemeni and international stakeholders is another key...


The rising generation of youth in Yemen have developed their political and social worldviews largely within the context of civil war and violent political movements. To escape this cycle of conflict, new leaders must embrace a culture of dialogue and be more amenable to compromise with their peers across the political spectrum for the sake of Yemen’s long-term stability.


To help empower Yemen’s emerging public leaders and equip them with the skills to lead with integrity, in July 2020 DeepRoot welcomed the inaugural cohort of the Hikma Fellowship for Public Leaders. This program brings together 15 emerging leaders from various political parties and movements, civil society groups, and independent youth, including those from regions often underrepresented in the national political arena.

These promising young men and women will undergo a carefully curated 12-month program of dialogue meetings, advanced capacity-building modules, and participant-led activities that will sharpen their leadership skills and encourage collaboration, cultivating a diverse community of young public leaders who are able to build Yemen’s future. Read more about the Fellowship components here.

Hikma Fellowship
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